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Functional Medicine Services

We offer both in-person and telehealth Functional Medicine services across Montana. At our clinic, we believe in a personalized and comprehensive approach to healthcare that supports your overall health and wellness goals. Take the first step to taking back your health by booking a free consultation now.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive health assessment includes a thorough evaluation of your medical history, lifestyle factors, and current symptoms. This assessment allows us to identify underlying imbalances and deficiencies in your body that may be contributing to your health concerns.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Based on the results of your health assessment and diagnostic testing, we develop personalized treatment plans that focus on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies to support healing and restore balance.

Body Composition Analysis

Our InBody 570 is the most advanced body analyzer on the market. It measures Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, BMR, Total Body Water, and a Visceral Fat Assessment.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer advanced diagnostic lab testing, including blood tests, genetic testing, and food sensitivity testing, to help identify the root cause of your health concerns. We can draw this in-house at our Madison County location or have them shipped to you to be drawn at a lab of your choice.

Hormone Therapy

Our hormone therapy program includes evaluation and treatment of hormonal imbalances, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Supplements and Natural Remedies

We offer a wide range of high-quality supplements and natural remedies that can support your health and complement your treatment plan.

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