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Firehouse Gear

First Responder Consultation & Testing

First responders regularly respond to high-stress situations. Normal daily schedules are disrupted in this line of work. This means meals are left at the table, cold and uneaten. Sleep is interrupted, often for long periods of time. Shift work is common. These factors strain the adrenal system affecting hormone production and regulation, stress response, and mood. Often cortisol levels are quite abnormal, adversely affecting the production of other necessary hormones and thyroid function. Gut health is impacted resulting in poor digestion, bloating, and changes in bowel habits. Mood is affected by the chronic stress response with fatigue, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. At Aarogya, we know about the stressors of being a first responder firsthand. Kathy has been a Paramedic, ER Provider, and EMS Medical Director for over twenty years and is also married to a full-time firefighter.


Aarogya Holistic and Functional Medicine has a diagnostic lab test panel that tests hormone levels, cortisol, thyroid function, and gut health. Identifying and addressing these health concerns can help the first responder function at their peak health and improve their stress response in a high-stress occupation. We customize each diagnostic lab panel for the individual and treatment is tailored to each patient. 


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